World of Darkness

(S1E04) Mr. Helsinki

Wherein: The sinister Mr. Helsinki was stampeded to death, after being rammed through a bit of housing. A compromise was reached with the teenage fugitive to give her a shot at a more normal life. A high-stakes heist was planned and executed, netting the group 3 Merlins of manna and an even higher stakes theft is in the planning stages. You took the wallet, 2 cellphones, some written notes, and a car registration if you would like to follow up later on where the human tracking path leads. Un apropos of anything… you notice that Dr. Kissinger from 2 labs down requisitioned 8 units of blood. There are all sorts of tracked qualities for Merrick’s special occult purposes and you notice he specified virgin blood.

The episode ended with Daniel running into Director Underhill in a parking garage at the local mall. Underhill’s aura had never caught Daniel’s eye before. At work everybody he encountered has a similar washed-out resonance, maybe some sort of mystical detection-scrambling technology is in place at Merrick. Under the glow of the florescent lights of the parking deck, Underhill broadcast a particularly brutish and savage aura. The last shot we see in the episode is Daniel, hands trembling with temptation, as sweat beads around his knuckles and runs down his plastic Orange Julius cup.

Doctor Lugibil’s condition that his condition is in continues to worsen and the company specialists downgraded his status to triple-fart minus. He is expected to expire in 4 sessions unless a treatment is administered. Nick Soap-Dish consulted with Jasminia as she was knowledgeable of matters both arcane and restorative. She communed with an elusive oracle that spoke through her possessed body, saying “you have already seen the alpha and omega of the orobus. A tea cup can contain the whole of creation. A saddle can contain nothing.” Nick asked Jasmina afterwards what that meant, but she had no recollection of the communion.

A muffin basket was delivered from Kwon McKinley in congratulations of a heist well done. Several listening devices were detected and removed from the basket, but if that had not been the case the basket would have seemed suspicious. He writes in an encrypted code. Once you decrypt it reads (to the best of your determinations)

Great job you ballsy mother-fuckers! They know something’s up. They have this gizmo where they can look back in time at a certain place. Raisin-stain above us. They saw you, but aren’t sure who they saw doing what. Your you get the other faces? A psychic read your aura, but I wouldn’t worry about that. We’ll make them drink icy-cold diarriah. Start thinking about how you want to do El Grande. Included are the floor plans for the collection hub and some technical specs. We can do it, but give me some lead time on getting anything particularly strange together. Come down to Salem and I’ll show you the juiciest flesh caverns and no warts. Adios! –KMK



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