World of Darkness

(S1E03) The Runaway

Wherein: In chasing down a runaway lab experiment teenage girl, our heroes discover a nefarious kidnap ring. They uncover and deal with most of the major players, nearing the rescue of the innocent girl. They survived a drive by shooting, recovered some weird technology, and are now face to face with the other side of the flesh trade.

Adam Chen has given up banging from the trunk of your sedan, but don’t forget to do something with him before you return the car to the motor pool. When you are in proximity to the chronoton device, you get a very palpable sense of deja vue. Occasionally you also get a gossamer glimpse of a ghostly figure that looks like Christie Reese, but older. Magruter’s worst day ever continues in the cabin, as he wonders if his hand were zip-tied. Christie is bound in an adjoining room, and thankfully asleep, as Mr. Helsinki and his two goons walk in to make a deal. (que over-the-top violin for the cut-a-away a-la Fringe).



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