World of Darkness

(S1E02) Skin Walk With Me

Pilot part 2

Wherein: Our heroes return from their mission, only to be caught up in a retaliatory raid on the headquarters by the local Werewolf clan. They get formally introduced to Jasmina, the local supernatural healer. Commander Grays, left unconscious in the triage room, disappears.
The party is introduced to Dimitris, the leader of the local pack raiding the facility. Much to their surprise and befuddlement, embrace the group as long lost friends, and thank them for the inside information they supplied that made the raid a success.
Three skin-walkers take the identity of 3 top executives of the company. Other company men who Dimitris said performed their sabotage perfectly, seem to be in daze. They are taken up onto the obsidian conference table and laid in Seal of Solomon. An anomaly opens sending out waves of de ja vu, and you get the presence of Dr. Lugibil emanates from it. The daze clears from the company men to all of a sudden look around, terrified, right before Demitris’ men step forward and snap their necks. A sample of humors is collected from each and presented to Dr. Lugibil, who is barely able to contain his astonishment.

Epilog: In the aftermath of the massacre, the parent company, The Cheiron Group, has transferred some new labor in to help with the rebuilding. The Skinwalkers remain in place as the local head executives (and as far as you can tell, their influence in the company has not been discovered.) Cheiron has left a liaison to oversee reconstruction, Elsie Phillips. The head Skinwalker is the CEO, Viktor Underhill.

The majority of Merrick Technologies does not know about the supernatural world. The upper management of the parent company, and head scientists of Merrick do know about the supernatural world, though they do not necessarily understand it. They apply a scientific approach which supports the technological advances that the company then markets.

Additionally; headlines in the news, bits of overheard conversations, inter-office memos and the like have foreshadowed the following plot points that will play a part this season:

Dr. Lugibill, (head of the Psychometric Studies department) has taken ill. Munch’s character is overseeing his recovery. As best that can be described, Adam is radiating his essence away into some unknown place or direction. Space/Time makes the universe a closed system. That’s the given, but seems not to be holding true in this case as Adam continues to leak away. A diagnostic machine is being constructed in one of the new labs (where the old conference room used to be), but is missing some key components.

The Cheiron Group is the owner of many subsidiaries, of which Merrick is one. There is fierce rivalry between sister companies which Cheiron purposely enflames, thinking the competitive nature is good for business. The purview of the subsidiaries are diverse but always include some bridge between the occult and mundane life. Merrick’s regional control of the United State in occult matters is the entirety of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Tyrell Telecom has the territory to the south, Innsmouth Fishing Concern looks after the area to the north and through New England, and the Big Beef Company in Chicago has the territory to the west.

Locally, there has been a recent rash of missing people. Some grisly murders with mathematical formula written all over the crime scenes have taken place. Other people have been stricken ill, taken to the hospital to find out that they are somehow missing their organs. You hope this isn’t due to Merrick’s R&D cages being emptied in the attack on headquarters.



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