World of Darkness

(S1E06) Twisted Webs

Previously on World of Darkness

A news story on the BBC shows the extended reach of the begrudged werewolf clan as it is reported that all of the Gray’s family has met in ‘accidental’ death over in England. The group followed-up on tips on the murdered (and de-meated) victims, meeting Mr. Rossetti, a dealer and talent-scout for Mr. Gustavus, proprietor of the Ladybug Ladybird Room. Ethan saved Mr. Rossetti’s life with some quick field medicine when he learned Mr. Rossetti had been injected with an insect toxin. Infiltrating the Ladybird Room our heroes try to negotiate with Mr. Gustavus, until it became apparent that common ground was not there (for everyone in the party at least). A fight happened in the beast’s lair but a 3 person fast-ball-special broke the beat in two, raining dead spiders down on the ground. With a job well done, Daniel and … I want to say Alterac?, head into the city for a drink at a trendy roof-top bar. Ethan headed home for some soothing onanism when he was interrupted from his vigors by a lackey of Demitris. Demitris was on the phone, telling Ethan that Mr. Kovar was sending a pair of goons to kill Daniel after forensic evidence was found linking him to Mr. Underhill. Ethan convinced Demitris to give him an opportunity to bring Daniel in, and he and the lackey raced over to Washington. Meanwhile, at the bar, Alterac goes to get the drinks as Commander Grays used Daniel as bait to lure out one of the werewolves hunting him. After exploding the werewolves face out forwards, Daniel read a text from Ethan. Daniel looks up in a panic to Grays saying There’s TWO, and tried to stand only to remember he is now hand-cuffed to the table and chair. Gray’s grin quickly fades as another Werewolf comes charging at Daniel from the crowd.


The group now has control of the Ladybird room, you may or may not want to do anything with it. After some extensive research into the occult, you piece together what’s known of its history:

It turns out Mr. Gustavus was the assumed identity of a fairly ancient spirit, you uncover a portion about him, good thing we will never see him again:

You found several ceremonial silver daggers on the Azlu henchman, and a very ornate one in the desk of Mr. Gustavus. Your occult research reveals it to be a Neretzek:

This will be the season finale, come with ideas of what you want to do, especially as it relates to your relationship to the werewolf clan, Merrick Technology inc., and we have one more chance to save Dr. Lugabil.



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