• Christie Reese

    Christie Reese

    this poor girl has had a harder life than most. Protected by the watchful guard of her mother from beyond the grave, Christie finally has a chance at a normal life.
  • Demitris


    the patriarch of the local werewolf pack.
  • Elsie Phillips

    Elsie Phillips

    The corproate liaison sent from the Cheiron Group to oversee the reconstruction of Merrick Biotech.
  • Evan Grays

    Evan Grays

    the old Black-Ops commander has resurfaced. What his role in the story will be, only time will tell.
  • Jasmina


    This Shaman is an ally to many, but fully belongs to no-one. She is disgusted by the violence wraught in the hidden world of darkenss, but she tries to heal what she can.
  • Kwon McKinley

    Kwon McKinley

    one of the fixers of Tyrell Telecorp, this operative is known for his gregariousness, optamism, and openess for anything.
  • Ladybird Room

    Ladybird Room

    a mysterious otherplace discovered by our cast, what they will do with it, if anything, we have yet to see.
  • Mr. Kovar

    Mr. Kovar

    the pack's enforcer.
  • The Azlu

    The Azlu

    the recently uncovered Azlu have been leaving the dessicated remains of their feeding.