A seemingly ceremonial dagger with ornate etchings on it, the blade is surprisingly sharp.


The dagger is a 2 damage melee weapon that is concealable under a jacket.
It contains both silver and cold iron and will do aggravated damage to both shape-changers and Fae.

When speaking the word of power written on its side, the blade will absorb up to a quart of any liquid that it is touching. When speaking the word of power and spending a Willpower point, the dagger will release the liquid. The dagger can hold one ‘charge’ of liquid at a time.


After extensive research in occult and historical texts, you realize the knife taken from Mr. Gustavus is one of the Neretzek, the ceremonial daggers used by the Toltec high priests in their blood sacrifices. It is crisscrossed with strange markings and a word of power that roughly translates to ‘drink’.


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