Christie Reese

this poor girl has had a harder life than most. Protected by the watchful guard of her mother from beyond the grave, Christie finally has a chance at a normal life.




Christie Reese was orphaned as a little girl when the rest of her family died in the freezer of their restaurant fleeing a fire. The last wishes of her mother was so great that part of her mother’s essence refused to pass on and looks after Christie still.

Christie’s guardian angel only manifests if Christie is in actual danger. While the Geist is capable of extreme feats of telekinetic force, it was unable to manifest while in the presence of the chronoton capacitor that Christie inadvertently stole on her escape from Merrick’s Residential research wing.

Rescued by the party from human traffickers by the party, Christie is smitten with Daniel who she looks upon as her savior (and his movie-star good looks didn’t hurt).

Merrik’s file on Christie is largely inaccurate as their starting hypothesis was that she was a psychic. Some tests did evoke some interesting results however. In addition to placing Christie in real, not simulated harm, the presence of Mr. Jacobean also elicited a response from Christie’s Geist, indicating that maybe there is more than just her mother’s concern at work with the haunting.

Christie Reese

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