Evan Grays

the old Black-Ops commander has resurfaced. What his role in the story will be, only time will tell.




Evan Grays is a muscular Brit who moved to the United States after being discharged from the SAS. He did some enforcement work for some multi-nationals that opened his eyes to the supernatural world, and came to the attention of Merrick Biomedical, joining them in 1997.

Evan Grays was part of an experimental bio-weaponization program run by Merrick for the US military. When the project was cancelled, Evan was ordered terminated. Overcoming the orderlies and the technicians in the lab when they tried to dose him with a lethal injection, he laid back down and took a nap. The head of Merrick’s Applied Research and Recovery Division was so impressed with Gray’s performance he managed to swing a provisional reprieve. Grays moved from muscle to team leader to head of the Tactical Unit though a combination of brutal performance and a shrewd practicality.

Gray’s augments are a mix of mechanical and bio-mechanical in nature. They enhance his physical and cognitive functions and have a host of other abilities not fully disclosed. The augments are the first generation of their kind, and it is not known how long they will last, and what the effects of their misfunction would be.

Evan Grays

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