Ladybird Room

a mysterious otherplace discovered by our cast, what they will do with it, if anything, we have yet to see.




Nobody can really say when the Ladybird Room first came into existence; it’s impossible to tell whether it existed in some different form previously, or if it was spontaneously generated somehow shortly before it was discovered. However, it was apparently first discovered around the beginning of the 20th century, by a small-time racketeer named Jimmy Loughran. Jimmy was the superstitious sort, and when he realized that he’d stumbled across a place that sometimes would… go missing, he didn’t tell anyone but his brother Dooley.

The two of them used the unusual room as a hideaway from time to time, and eventually figured out most of the place’s nuances. When Prohibition encouraged the brothers and their contacts to go into the bootlegging business, they decided to turn their secret place into a top-rate speakeasy. Jimmy called it the Ladybird Room, after his pet name for his fiancée. After Dooley’s death in a police shooting, Jimmy decided to find a new owner for the Ladybird room. He found a buyer in Miles Littleboy, an associate in the family business who was just superstitious enough to believe Jimmy’s story. Jimmy claimed to have won the Ladybird Room in a poker game with a hollow-eyed man that he can only assume was the Devil, and that he wanted to sell in order to keep from going to Hell — the Devil had given him twenty years of prosperity, and Jimmy wanted to cash in his chips while he was ahead.

Once Littleboy saw the supernatural nature of the Ladybird Room for himself, he had no trouble believing Jimmy’s tale. The Ladybird Room changed hands three more times, always with some variant on the original story of “Jimmy Loughran won the place in a game with the Devil” being passed along to the new owner. However, the last owner (an aging loan shark named Cassius DeCavra) got a poor deal when he fell victim to the Azlu called Kusthuthun, or “the Leatherworker.” The Azlu had found its way to the club almost by accident, but realized the place’s nature upon entering, thanks to its sense of the Gauntlet and its webs. At closing time, the Spider Host manifested itself and devoured DeCavra and his bodyguards. But Kusthuthun was a clever one, and it soon realized that it had become the new owner of a potentially very lucrative resource.

For the last thirty-five years, “Mr. Gustavus” — or as he’s known to all but the most dedicated regulars, “Mr. G” — has reigned as the new owner of the Ladybird Room. He actually resides within the place-that-isn’t, slumbering for most of the time that the pocket space spends disconnected from the physical world. He has emerged to hunt only rarely over the years, partly out of sloth and partly out of the desire to avoid Uratha (werewolf) attention.

The door to the Ladybird Room is always present, but it doesn’t always open. Rather, it can open, but the space behind is an empty space, a disused section of what was once a garment sweatshop. The space- that-isn’t comes into conjunction with the physical world for three nights each half moon (both waxing and waning, so roughly twice a month). At those times, the door opens into the otherspace that Loughran converted into a speakeasy so long ago.

You realize that the Ladybird room sits along one of the lay-lines you learned about when doing research on Tyrell Telecom. You believe that with the right knowledge and resources you can change some of the properties of the Ladybird Room in a variety of ways, but just what you can do with it would require additional research.

There is a ceremonial circle in the bottom room that draws forth the 1 point of mana or essence from the layline each night that you can syphon off.

Ladybird Room

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