Sheriff Ostler




Sheriff Ostler is a big, pale, flabby, balding pig of a man in his late 40s. He’s tall, but would stand taller if his prodigious gut didn’t stoop him into a perpetual slouch. His callused hands are large and thick, with stubby fingers. He perspires quite a bit (often through the back, chest, and underarms of his short-sleeved light brown uniform shirt) and habitually licks his lips hungrily whenever he’s looking at something that he wants, whether that’s a swig of whiskey, a heaping plate of onion rings, a roll of $20s, or a pretty young woman. Most times, Ostler smells of sweat, beer, fried food, and flatulence, half-masked with a quick slap of decent aftershave on each doughy cheek. His breathing is a faintly audible wheeze that worsens considerably whenever he has to exert himself. Those who have the misfortune of shaking the sheriff’s hand come away with a film of greasy sweat for their troubles.

Sheriff Ostler organize the kidnapping ring that our heroes broke-up. He ended up dying one of the most horrific deaths imaginable, which some say was still too good for him.

Sheriff Ostler

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