The Azlu

the recently uncovered Azlu have been leaving the dessicated remains of their feeding.




The Hosts (First Tongue: shartha) are bizarre creatures who, like the Forsaken, are a hybrid of spirit and flesh, man and animal. They are descended from powerful Pangaean spirits hunted by Father Wolf for their attacks on humanity. They escaped total destruction by splitting themselves into thousands of spirit shards, each of which inhabited an animal. These shards became the Hosts. There are many different types of Hosts, of which the Azlu are one.

The Azlu

The Azlu, or spider hosts, are driven by instinct to strengthen the gauntlet. They begin life as an ordinary looking spider. They have the ability to possess a human by crawling in their ear and eating their brain. This gives them access to the human’s memories. A human possessed in this way is preserved by the Azlu, and will only begin to decay after a month. After an Azlu melds with enough other Azlu, it consumes a human by biting it and wrapping it in a cocoon, after which it slowly melds its essence with the human, creating a human-spider hyprid. These melded Azlu are solitary creatures, but can easily be a match for a pack of Forsaken, since they tend to be the size of cars and often have one set of legs that are enormous bone scyths. Adult Azlu must eat one human a month for sustenence, and constantly weave webs which thicken the Gauntlet around them.

The Azlu

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